Los Santos' Premiere Auto Dealer

Founded in 2020, Great Ocean Motorsports has been the leading premium automotive dealership in the city of Los Santos ever since! Owned and operated by Jeremy Lumosity, there are no holds barred when it comes to the EXCEPTIONAL experience you’ll have visiting our dealership? Looking for a truck to put to work? What about a nice new sports car? We’ve got you covered across the board! Come see us and find out for yourself!



2020 Speedo Van

Spacious and enough room for friends in the back.
Base Price:$32000


Big Tex Trailers

20ft Trailer – $40,000
40ft Trailer – $80,000


BASE PRICE: $60,000


BASE PRICE: $60,000


BASE PRICE: $60,000

2002 Skyline R34

The Nissan Skyline GTR R34 has elvoled and fine-tuned through 11 years of competitive racing and extensive testing, which has resulted in one of the best race-bred coupes on the market.
Horsepower: 276 HP
BASE PRICE: $140,000

2000 Ford F350 Dually

Heavyduty Ford trucks are built to work as hard as the hard working men and women who drive them.
Horsepower: 245 HP
BASE PRICE: $145,000

2017 VW Golf GTI MK7

The 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI lives up to its hot hatch heritage with sharp handling and steering, brisk acceleration, and a rather burly engine and exhaust note.
Horsepower: 220 HP
BASE PRICE: $160,000

2018 Jeep TrackHawk

Most powerful SUV ever: supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 engine delivers 707 horsepower and 645 lb.-ft. of torque. Quickest SUV ever: 0-60 miles per hour (mph) in 3.5 seconds, quarter mile in 11.6 seconds and top speed of 180 mph.
Horsepower: 707 HP
BASE PRICE: $170,000

2020 Ford Explorer ST

The new 2020 Ford Explorer ST feels like a real high-performance SUV thanks to its powerful V-6 engine and sharp handling.
Horsepower: 400 HP
BASE PRICE: $170,000

Can AM

2019 Can Am Maverick

Meet the king of side-by-side engines, the precision-engineered, industry-leading triple-cylinder Rotax ACE engine
Horsepower: 172 HP
BASE PRICE: $170,000

1997 BMW M3 E36

The BMW M3 is a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series.
Horsepower: 240 HP
BASE PRICE: $200,000

2020 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

The JeepWrangler is a true O.G. This body-on-frame SUV has defied modernization trends and offered up proper rugged utility for years, although its latest generation truly improved the driving experience while adding a great deal of modern tech.
Horsepower: 260 HP
BASE PRICE: $240,000

2016 Cadillac CTS V

The CTS-V is the most powerful car Cadillac has ever built, and it comes track-ready right out of the box.
Horsepower: 240 HP
BASE PRICE: $220,000

2021 Ford Mustang Mach1

After a 17-year hiatus, the all-new Mustang Mach 1 fastback coupe makes its world premiere – becoming the modern pinnacle of style, handling and 5.0-liter V-8 pony car performance.
Horsepower: 480 HP
BASE PRICE: $235,000

2019 GMC Sierra AT4

GMC redefines the off-road space by introducing the all-new 2019 Sierra AT4. For the first time ever, the Sierra AT4 delivers a unique formula of authentic off-road capability and innovative technology paired with premium refinement and a bold appearance expected from GMC.
Horsepower: 420 HP
BASE PRICE: $240,000


2006 Chevy Silverado W/T

The “classic” light-duty GMT400 C/K truck
Horsepower: 345 HP
BASE PRICE: $250,000

2006 Corvette C6 ZR1

Attitude is everything. Situations can be drastically effected with the proper outlook, determination, and a little bit of good luck.
Horsepower: 638 HP
BASE PRICE: $270,000

2017 Ford F150 PreRunner

Horsepower: 420 HP
BASE PRICE: $270,000

21 Hellcat

2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye

Incredible acceleration. Exhilarating power delivery at the blip of the throttle. Sure to easily defeat the competiton.
Horsepower: 797HP
BASE PRICE: $280,000

2020 Audi R8

Horsepower: 611 HP
BASE PRICE: $290,000

2021 Cadillac Escalade

Horsepower: 172 HP
BASE PRICE: $300,000

18 Demon

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

“Puts you in your seat” is truly an understatement for this masterpiece. The demon offers a truly unprecedented amount of power, made available to EVERYONE.
Horsepower: 808HP
BASE PRICE: $340,000


2019 BMW M5 F90

The BMW M5 is a high performance variant of the BMW 5 Series marketed under the BMW M sub-brand.
Horsepower: 600HP
BASE PRICE: $380,000

2020 Rolls Royce Wraith

Horsepower: 172 HP
BASE PRICE: $450,000

"Casino" Bundle.

Nagasaki Outlaw$90,000
Maxwell Vagrant
Vulcar Nebula Turbo
Vapid Retinue MKII
Ubermacht Zion Classic
Progen Emerus
Grotti Furia
Benefactor Krieger
Ocelot Locust
Annis S80RR
Truffade Thrax
Pegassi Zorrusso$270,000
Blista Kanjo
Dinka Sugoi
Karin Sultan Classic$120,000
Enus Paragon R$200,000
Albany V-STR
Nagasaki Strider
Vapid Dominator GTX
Bravado Gauntle Classic
Bravado Gauntle Hellfire
Vapid Peyote Gasser
Weeny Dynasty
Obey 8F Drafter
Overflod Imorgon
Ocelot Jugular
Lampadati Komoda
Vysser Neo
Annis Hellion
Lampadati Novak
Ubermacht Rebla GTS
Vapid Caracara 4×4$120,000
Karin Everon
Declasse Yosemite

To view images of the cars included in the “Casino” bundle, please go to:  gta.fandom.com/wiki/Vehicles_in_GTA_V  . This does include many of the cars that can also be found at PDM. Please look the car up by name to be able to see images.