FragOut Gaming & Roleplay

My name is Kaeden, the founder of FragOut Gaming & Roleplay. The brand was originally created as a YouTube and channel. I’ve been in and out of the content creator space for years, and decided to give it a go one more time. While doing my thing as a content creator, I became wrapped up in the world of FiveM (GTA:V Modification) Roleplay communities. After bouncing back and forth between several different communities trying to find one to call home, myself and a few friends decided to create our own, which is what led to FragOut Roleplay, and led to the brand as a whole becoming more than just a name for a content creator.

Can Am Outing

ONE Community. YOUR Community

One of the biggest things I’ve taken pride in when establishing this community, is not losing sight of where we came from. Far too often you see big communities lose sight of what made them who they are. YOU. Community leaders tend to forget that they would be nothing without their people. We strive to constantly make our community feel at home, and make sure their inputs are heard and listened to.

Social Media

Community Discord

This Discord is utilized as a way for me to further connect with my viewers and community members.

Twitch Channel

I'm primarily a streamer and only occasionally upload to YouTube. I cover all kinds of games and various content over on Twitch.

YouTube Channel

I try my best to upload highlights from Twitch as well as some other content to my YouTube channel!


I use twitter as a way to inform my community on any urgent events happening surrounding our community.


We didn't originally have a Facebook page, however I've recently started streaming to both Twitch and Facebook as well as posting channel updates through Facebook! Go give us a like!

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